What are the Different Operating Systems?

An operating system can be broadly categorized into different types. In a batch processing system, as the name suggests, it executes a bundle of programs in the form of a batch. In this system, the interaction between the processor and the user is limited during the execution process. Such an OS is widely used in applications that require processing of similar data, bulk processing or similar processing required for execution.


Multi-user OS is mostly used in network systems wherein multiple users use the system simultaneously at a time whereas single user systems will be designed for effectively using the system by a user at a time.


In multitasking OS, several applications will be loaded at a time simultaneously into the memory. The processor will be switching between various applications to execute them simultaneously. This is the most commonly used OS today.


In the case of a real-time system, the inputs are processed simultaneously affecting the next process. They are mostly used in complex systems like machinery and other industrial systems where a lot of processing is involved. In a distributed system the files and other programs that are stored in various geographical locations are accessed from different terminals.


There is also a mobile OS to control PDA, Smartphones, tablets and other devices. It combines the features of the operating system of a computer with that of Bluetooth, camera, GPS, voice recorder, touch screen, music player and much more.


With the improvement in technology, manufacturers launch different electronic gadgets with most powerful and effective features. To stay in the competition, they will be adding more and more features to attract customers. People will be looking for new models with advanced features to try out new applications.


Various manufacturers utilize different OS to support their brand. The most popular ones are IOS which is used in Apple, Windows used in windows phones and android used in open source devices.


Browse through various sites on the internet and collect more information on it. This will also help you to find the right model that is apt for your application. When you flip through various pages, you will find a tremendous collection of various electronic gadgets and the OS used in it. Check through the specification and find out which ones suits best for you.