Using Chopsticks

I have been teaching my family to use chopsticks to eat stir-fry’s just because it is fun watching them learn. Chopsticks are among the Chinese utensils that are very versatile. It is a knife, whisk, fork, a set of tongs, and also a steamer rack all curled into one. However, for other people who were not brought up utilizing such utensils, they might be somehow difficult.  Here are my top tips for using chopsticks.


Hold the commanding hand flexibly


Hand holding Maki




Individuals who grip their chopsticks normally wind up throwing their cooking everywhere the place. Put your first chopstick into the hollow between the thumb and the pointer finger. Make it stable on the wedding band finger.


Put the succeeding chopstick in the hollow between your thumb and pointer finger together with the initial chopstick. Though with this, rest it on the middle finger rather than the band finger. Make use of the middle, pointer, and thumb fingers to hold the second chopstick somehow more closely.


The chopstick on the base, which is the first one, stays less or more still. The middle and index fingers perform all the weighty raising with the succeeding chopstick.  


By use of your middle and index fingers move the upper chopstick and down and up and set up the chopsticks.


And close them over the food. Keep in mind that you have to maintain the hand flexible but also keep a better control over that chopstick. You will actually be tried when you raise up the heavy portions of food.


After you have a good hold, go on and collect it and you are done


Our pro buying tip


When purchasing the chopsticks, we often favor the strong and conventional bamboo varieties. Plastic chopsticks may get somehow slimy and food may be hard to hold. Also, they create more adorned bamboo varieties nowadays, if that is your wish. Keep away from the fragile disposable types.


What are chopsticks used for?


Hands holding food variety using eating utensil




They are utilized to consume many types of conventional Japanese foods with a few exceptions. But there are some key rules that you should keep in mind when using chopsticks to eat.


Rules for using chopsticks


  • Always hold the chopstick towards its end and not in the front third or middle.
  • Lay your chopstick down when not using it or after you have finished dining.
  • Avoid sticking the chopsticks into the food
  • Avoid pointing with the chopstick
  • Avoid moving bowls or plates with the chopsticks
  • Avoid waving the chopstick just about in the air
  • Avoid spearing the food using the chopstick
  • While eating, make use of the other end to get food from a plate that is shared
  • Apply controlled pressure on your chopstick when you want to separate a portion of food as you move them separately. However, you need to practice this severally.


Forks and knives are utilized in Western cooking only. However, spoons might be utilized in some Japanese foods like style curry rice or donburi. Ceramic spoons of Chinese style are utilized to consume soups.


Well, now you have it!

Need A Few Sets

I want to get a few nice sets of chopsticks for me and my family to use. I know most people are new to chopsticks but I enjoy seeing my family using them. I’m sure if you have eaten Asian food using a spoon and fork, you might have had regrets as to why you did not get yourself a chopstick. Perhaps you too are like me and want your family to have a completely exciting experience. In this post, we will help you get the chopsticks that are easy to use and comfortable for any member of your family. See our list of the best chopsticks.


Titanium Chopsticks from finessCity


Titanium from finessCity


If you are planning to go camping soon, these are the chopsticks you should consider. This feature a sturdy aluminum casing that makes storing the chopsticks easy while traveling and camping. This means you can take thee chopsticks wherever you go even if it is at a restaurant.


Another thing about the chopsticks is that they have a plug at the base that helps to hold them firmly preventing them from accidental bending. Just as the name of this chopstick says, it is created from pure titanium. This only means, that you will purchase something that is long lasting and odorless, non-corrosive, and above all, non-allergic. This makes them suitable for use by everyone in the home including those with allergies.



  • They are durable
  • They are safe for use even by those who have allergies
  • The chopsticks are non- corrosive
  • The chopsticks are dishwasher safe
  • These chopsticks do not rust even when exposed to water
  • They do not bend
  • The chopsticks are lightweight
  • They are strong and thus you will not worry about spilling the food
  • They are odorless
  • They resist high temperatures
  • They have a casing



  • Some users who purchased these chopsticks said they would rather have the wooden ones.

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5-Pairs Fiberglass from Foster


5-Pairs Fiberglass from Foster


If you are a fan of fiberglass items, these are your chopsticks. They are made up of fiberglass and these enable them to endure a temperature of 356 F. These chopsticks are dishwasher safe and this means you will only spend a few minutes doing the cleaning. Another good thing about these chopsticks is associated with the material that makes them. As a result, they are lightweight and durable as compared to wood or metal. This only means you will use these chopsticks for a long time.


Apart from that, you will also love the fact that these chopsticks have an anti-spinning body and anti-skip ends that ensure you do not encounter embarrassing moments during dinner due to food dropping from the chopsticks and staining your outfit.



  • They are lightweight
  • The chopsticks are easy to use
  • They have an attractive design
  • The chopsticks are durable
  • You can wash them in your dishwasher and thus saving you time
  • They have a good feel
  • They do not roll on the table



  • Some users had issues with the tips of the chopsticks


Royal’s Premium Disposable

Royal’s Premium Disposable


If you did not like the ones I have reviewed above, you might like these ones from Royal since they are made of bamboo. The best thing about these chopsticks is that they are  UV treated and this makes them safe. They have a smooth surface that ensures you have a comfortable and enjoyable eating experience minus the possibility of having splinters in the mouth.

Apart from that, these chopsticks are disposable plastics making them ideal in events where you need something that is not reusable. They also feature a clear paper sleeve that helps to protect them from dirt and dust. This also makes to be hygienic for restaurants as the base of the sticks does not touch the hands.



  • They are disposable
  • Easy to use
  • They are durable
  • Ideal for use in restaurants
  • They are UV treated and thus safe



  • They are not long lasting




Are you looking to have a completely different dining experience? Get the durable and easy to use chopsticks. If you love the bamboo ones, ensure they are UV treated. And if you prefer the ones made from titanium, make sure they have a casing and are odorless.  Above all, always observe the rules when using the chopsticks.

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A Tad of Teriyaki

I use a lot of teriyaki sauce in my stir-fry and marinades and my family loves them. It pays to have an arsenal of fast assembly sauces created from cupboard staples as they can save you during those times you forget to plan. Simple flavorings are important to changing the freezer finds or fridge remains into an eligible meal. Therefore, I want to share additional sauce recipes to offer you the tools to mix and match them yourself. Here is how to how to make a teriyaki sauce for your next meal.


Using easy homemade teriyaki sauce


Our teriyaki sauce starts with only four components that create a quick and simple marinade. They can also be frozen into a sparkling glaze or seasoning by including just a little cornstarch, heat, and water. This is how you can use it.




Marinated meat picture


Savor your chicken thighs, breast, tenderloins, pork chops, tofu cubes or fish. Souse pork, chicken, or tofu for not less thirty minutes, as well as souse fish for just fifteen minutes. After that, cast the fish, meat, or tofu on to the rack, cook in a frying pan, toast or just move all things to a slow cooker as it is a very versatile tool




Your thickened sauce may be smoothed onto tofu or baked or grilled meat. Alternatively, make utilize it as a stew zest by spilling the food that is not thickened right into the stew pant. Your sauce will simmer and thicken owing to the intense heat from the pan while it covers the broiled meat of veggies. Avoid the use of a marinade that is already used to prepare the sauce. But rather, prepare two separate bunches to prevent cross-contamination.


The amount it makes


Food sauce


These quantities can prepare around a half a cup of marinade or one cup of frozen flavoring. A half a cup of marinade is sufficient for two chicken breasts, four boneless chicken thighs, one fourteen ounce tofu block, or around four chops of pork. As a flavoring, a single cup would be sufficient for around one 4 serving portion of stew or to brush onto around four chicken breasts. You may quickly scale the recipe down or up by modifying the number of serving and the elements will adjust right away.


Easy marinade or teriyaki made at home


Making these will take you a couple of minutes by using simple components that may be readily available all through.


  • The preparation time is five minutes
  • Cooking time is five minutes
  • The total time you will spend is ten minutes and the servings are a cup of sauce.




  • Making marinade
  • A quarter cup of soy seasoning
  • Three tablespoons of brown sugar
  • One clove of garlic, diced
  • One teaspoon fresh minced ginger
  • One tablespoon of water
  • Making the sauce
  • Add one tablespoon of cornstarch and a half cup of water.




Mix the brown sugar, soy seasoning, diced garlic, crushed ginger as well as water. Spill the combination on the tofu, fish, meat and also marinate for fifteen to thirty minutes, based on your item.


Create the sauce by stirring the soy seasoning, minced garlic, brown sugar, water, ground ginger, and a half cup of water and one tablespoon cornstarch.