Schwartz: A Shell for Quartz 2D (with Python)
Schwartz Screenshot

Schwartz is a "shell" for Apple's Quartz 2D graphics programming API used on iOS and OS X.

Programmers can use Schwartz as a sandbox in which to explore and learn Apple's graphics API using the popular Python programming language.

In Schwartz, your Python scripts have access to the Quartz 2D graphics API. Drawing performed in Python is rendered in the Canvas area on the right. An integrated Python debugger allows you to set breakpoints and step through your graphics code for improved learning and debugging.

Schwartz includes:

  1. One. a full-featured Python text editor with syntax highlighting, code auto-completion with fuzzy matching, and tabs for writing your scripts.
  2. Two. an integrated Python debugger with graphical breakpoints and a console for stepping through and debugging scripts.
  3. Three. project-wide search and replace using regular expressions.
  4. Four. an integrated documentation browser.
  5. Five. a Canvas area to view the results of your drawing scripts.

12345??? Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz!

Code completion is powered by Jedi.

Code completion with Fuzzy Matching
Function argument Tab Triggers
Integrated Documentation Browser
Graphical Breakpoints
Integrated Python Debugger
Local variables display when paused
Stack Trace View
Find & Replace with Regular Expressions

Schwartz is developed and maintained by Todd Ditchendorf of Celestial Teapot, creator of Fluid, Fake, Shapes, and HTTP Client. Schwartz icon created by Ollin Boer Bohan.

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